Made with Pride in the U.S.A.

Folding Beds by Blazin BellTech

If you have ever spent the night on an uncomfortable trailer floor, then you understand the allure of our trailer folding beds. Sleep in perfect comfort. Cots and air mattresses are uncomfortable, bulky and cumbersome to set up. Not to mention, rearranging most of the trailer for each nights sleep. It’s burdensome and totally unenjoyable.

Blazin Bell Tech's trailer beds are not just another bed; it’s a space solution. Seating by day, bedding by night, and folded up out of the way for your journey. Comfortable, completely assembled, ready to be installed and use. User friendly; raises and lowers with an easy touch. Perfect for mounting in your sport trailer. Fits beside cars, motorcycles or snowmobiles, beds that fold up and out of the way.

Innovative patented design; powder coated steel frame, fiberglass grid pattern for sleeping comfort, 5” thick foam with durable charcoal olefin upholstery and black naugahyde underside..  Zippers allow easy removal of covers for cleaning.  (Dry cleaning or machine wash will damage different components of the covers; we recommend removing the covers from the foam and hand wash in a gentle agent such as Woolite then hang to dry.  Do not dry in a dryer).  Also included with each unit are a set of nylon straps with a squeeze release buckle for securing units during travel.

Blazin Bell Tech's folding trailer or RV wall mount beds may also be used in guest rooms, rec rooms, dens, kids rooms, safe rooms, vacation homes and apartments. Because of the simple, yet perfected design our wall mount beds can be used in many applications. Our folding beds are perfect for emergency response vehicles and trailers as well.